Kerrie McArthur, PWS, CERP

Managing Senior Biologist

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  • B.S., Biological Oceanography; Minor in Fisheries, University of Washington
  • Professional Wetland Scientist, #2655, Society of Wetland Scientists
  • Certified Ecological Restoration Practitioner, #0187, Society for Ecological Restoration
  • Certified Fisheries Professional, #3280, American Fisheries Society
  • Fisheries and Aquatic Habitat
  • Wetland and Stream Delineations
  • Mitigation Design, Monitoring, & Adaptive Management
  • Water Quality
  • Environmental Permitting

An environmental consultant since 1994, Kerrie has a diverse technical background that allows her to bring a big-picture understanding of the scientific and regulatory issues that may be expected for a specific project. She specializes in assessing impacts to fish and wetlands (freshwater and marine), regulatory permitting and associated mitigation, and restoration/mitigation design. Kerrie’s technical expertise includes wetland reconnaissance and delineations, stream-channel characterization, water quality monitoring, aquatic and terrestrial habitat evaluation, and functional assessment of aquatic ecosystems. Project types she has worked on are wide-ranging, and include restoration, road projects, culvert replacements, waterfront modification, facility siting, wastewater infrastructure, and mining. Kerrie is a Professional Wetland Scientist as well as a Certified Fisheries Professional and Certified Ecological Restoration Practitioner.

Examples of Kerrie’s project work include the following:

  • As Work Order manager for a King County Wastewater Treatment Division contract, Kerrie is responsible for permitting a variety of projects, often with rapid turnaround times. Permit submittals included clearing and gradings, shoreline exemptions, commercial building, and street use. Kerrie works directly with County project managers to develop and update project permitting requirements, permit schedules, and permit cost estimates. Other work includes completing submittal checklists and permit applications, and obtaining issued permits.
  • Kerrie’s clients include many industrial and private developers who rely on her assistance with permitting their projects – large and small. This work often involves wetland delineations, stream assessments, report writing, mitigation planning, permit preparation, construction compliance, and monitoring. For example, for Sierra Pacific Industries, Kerrie provided environmental permitting assistance for the construction of four lumber-manufacturing facilities and cogeneration plants throughout the Puget Sound region. She managed the project through initial site investigations through permitting and construction monitoring, and continues to support the project with yearly mitigation monitoring.
  • Kerrie is providing technical and permitting assistance on two park improvements projects for the City of Kenmore, Washington. She conducted wetland delineations on approximately 57 acres at Log Boom and Squire’s Landing parks. She developed a wetland, shoreline buffer, wetland buffer, and stream buffer mitigation plan, and is contributing to shoreline and critical areas permit planning. Kerrie also is a contributing author to the critical areas study, mitigation plan, and biological assessment for the projects. Proposed improvements at the two parks include improved trails, hand-carried boat access, and dock replacement.
  • As project manager for the Middle Creek Culvert Improvements Biological Evaluation in the Willapa Bay Tributary, Kerrie managed and prepared a biological evaluation to assess potential impacts from proposed instream habitat improvements on species listed or proposed for listing under the Endangered Species Act. Instream habitat enhancement improvements included replacing fish barrier culverts and placing large woody debris to improve spawning and rearing habitat.

“Kerrie has performed extensive surveys on our projects dealing with critical area habitats, wetlands, wetland mitigations, buffering averaging and monitoring. Kerrie’s work was performed at the highest level of proficiency, professionalism, and integrity and with a great level of success with regulators.”
– Gary Blanc, Manager Land Investment and Development, Sierra Pacific Industries