Audrey Michniak, CESCL

Project Biologist I

Education and Certifications
  • B.S., Geology and Environmental Science, Western Michigan University
  • Certificate in Wetland Science and Management, University of Washington
  • Certified Erosion and Sediment Control Lead (CESCL)
  • 40-hour Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER)
  • Wetland Ecology and Delineation
  • Plant Identification
  • Wetland and Stream Studies
  • Mitigation Monitoring
  • Data Collection and Analysis, GIS

Audrey has been an environmental consultant since 2018, working on a mix of environmental and engineering projects in support of land development proposals, corporate real estate portfolios, and industrial facilities development. She has performed wetland delineations; stream and nearshore surveys; fish exclusion; research and synthesis; mitigation monitoring; GIS analysis; and soil, groundwater, soil vapor, and outdoor air quality sampling. Audrey is familiar with local, state, and federal environmental policies and regulations, and she routinely conducts regulatory research and prepares documentation to meet local (e.g., critical areas), state (e.g., State Environmental Policy Act [SEPA]), and federal (e.g., Endangered Species Act [ESA]) regulatory requirements.

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