What We Do

Environmental Project Delivery

With ever-increasing complexities – and decreasing timeframes – thorough and insightful project management is essential to a successful endeavor. Confluence offers a suite of project management support, from initial environmental strategy and tribal consultation support to fully integrated delivery of environmental review, permits, and approvals.

Natural Resource Services

We work with clients to develop robust designs that address and reduce environmental impacts, and develop strategies to protect sensitive habitat. Confluence scientists are proficient in the ecology of marine, estuarine, and freshwater environments, as well as the biology and life history requirements of fish species. Our ecologists have expertise in wetland, stream, and riparian habitats; and wildlife and terrestrial habitats. We assess environmental impacts and develop strategies to protect sensitive habitats and species, including impact avoidance and minimization measures, and species recovery and conservation plans.

Mitigation & Restoration

We design and implement mitigation measures and plans in freshwater, marine, and upland environments for capital improvements and development projects. Confluence scientists design, implement, and monitor habitat restoration projects to meet mitigation requirements, or as stand-alone projects in streams, rivers, estuaries, and along shorelines.

Regulatory Strategy, Compliance, & Permitting

Successful navigation of the regulatory process is a critical component of any development or restoration project. Confluence assesses project permitting needs, formulates a strategy for complying with regulations, addresses tribal consultation requirements as needed, and obtains all necessary permits and approvals. We assist clients in preparing environmental documentation, including permit applications, Endangered Species Act consultation, State/National Environmental Policy Act (SEPA/NEPA) compliance, critical areas reports, Habitat Conservation Plans, and other documents needed to meet local, state, and federal regulatory requirements. For agencies, we offer expertise to regulators in reforming environmental policy and processes to increase transparency and efficiency.

Geospatial Solutions (GIS)

Confluence provides comprehensive GIS services to help clients design, build, and implement sophisticated projects based on geospatial information. Our scientists combine spatial data with natural science and regulatory expertise to create innovative analytical and quantitative solutions that meet our client’s regulatory needs. Services include geospatial data collection, geodatabase design and creation, spatial analytics, mapping and visualization, decision-support tools, habitat delineation, and much more.

Aerial Data Collection/UAV Services

Confluence is a leader in using unmanned aerial systems to support marine, freshwater, and built environment projects. We are at the forefront of developing methods to use aerial data to support scientific applications and analyses for our clients. Confluence uses aerial systems to characterize and document project settings including natural and built resources such as eelgrass, wetlands, historic structures, archaeological resources, streams and culverts, and forest resources. By combining aerial survey methods with scientists on the ground, we can both enhance the information collected and reduce the time it takes to characterize many sites. Results can be analyzed and output refined to create products such as maps of vegetative cover based on spectral analyses and digital elevation models. Data also can be integrated into GIS.