NewsSeptember 2022 Okanogan Ecosystem Diagnosis and Treatment

The Society for Ecological Restoration NW has selected the Okanogan Ecosystem Diagnosis and Treatment (EDT) project for a special award recognizing the use of innovative tools and techniques in restoration planning or practice in the Cascadia bioregion. For over 10 years Confluence’s Eric Doyle has been working with the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation to develop EDT model platforms for multiple subbasins. Congratulations to Eric and his team, including John Arterburn and Ryan Klett with the Okanogan Basin Monitoring and Evaluation Program! More about the integration of the EDT model into long-term research, monitoring, and evaluation activities in the Okanogan River can be found in Eric’s article “Integrating Ecosystem Models with Long-Term Monitoring to Support Salmon Recovery” in Fisheries.