NewsJanuary 2023 More Promotions

We are excited to end 2022 with five more staff promotions. Congratulations to all!

Chris Soncarty
Chris Soncarty was promoted to Principal Biologist/Regulatory Specialist. Chris has a tremendous reputation with clients, teaming partners, and colleagues for his regulatory expertise, clear communication, project management, and dependability. We appreciate Chris for his amazing positive attitude and ability to develop win-win solutions on the many complex projects he manages.
Nora Burton
Nora Burton was promoted to Director of Finance & Operations. We are grateful for Nora’s vast knowledge and ability to manage all things financial. Through years of hard work, she has become an industry expert in contract and rate management, serving as a resource for both Confluence and teaming partners.
Kelly McDonald
Kelly McDonald was promoted to Project Ecologist III this year in a well-deserved recognition of her value at Confluence. Kelly eagerly and thoroughly learns what’s new in the industry and constantly seeks innovative ways for Confluence to work smarter and more efficiently for our clients. She is a tremendous resource not only for Confluence staff but for our teaming partners, who look to her as an expert in GIS, drone imagery, data management, marine permitting work, and much more. We appreciate her leadership and commitment to her craft!
Suzanne Vieira
Suzanne Vieira was promoted to Project Ecologist III. Suzanne’s skills continue to flourish, as does her leadership within Confluence and among the project teams with whom she works. She repeatedly proves her responsiveness and technical acumen. Internal and external project managers regularly express their confidence in her!
Alexis Huynh
Alexis Huynh was promoted to Project Biologist. Alexis has rapidly grown her technical knowledge and fieldwork skills since joining Confluence in the spring. She has become a valued team member for her GIS and data management skills, including work with specialized modeling software and aerial drone imagery. Her promotion reflects her technical skills and her willingness to “go the extra mile” to bring projects to the finish line.