A Look Back on Our First Decade

Last year, Confluence Environmental Company celebrated its 10th anniversary. Incredible for us to imagine, but we have embarked on our second decade of doing the work we love! We began with four people in 2007, focusing on excellent client service, consistent delivery of quality work, and a positive team culture. We believe in those core values just as strongly today, and will continue to focus on them as we pursue our individual passions and the goals of the company as a whole. We are truly grateful to each and every one of our friends, clients, colleagues, and co-workers with whom we’ve collaborated along the way. We really appreciate the times we’ve worked and played together, and can’t wait for the next opportunity that waits around the corner!

We love the work we do, but it’s the people we work with that make it worthwhile. We’ve dug into the archives to find photos depicting how true that is!

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