Todd Nixley

Staff Biologist

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  • M.S., of Marine Biology, Northeastern University, Boston MA, 2018
  • B.A., Biology, Whitman College, Walla Walla, WA 2011
  • Marine Ecology
  • Fish Biology and Habitat
  • ArcGIS Software
  • R Data Analysis and Reporting

Todd’s work focuses on marine and fisheries biology and ecology. Todd has experience researching and working on projects involving sustainable fisheries, marine invasive species, shellfish aquaculture, and Salish Sea ecology. He is experienced in physiological and molecular marine ecology, marine invertebrate zoology and botany, marine conservation biology, ocean and coastal sustainability, and oceanography. In addition, Todd has master’s level training in GIS applications as well as quantitative and analytical skills, and he excels at presenting complex scientific findings. Todd also has experience in stakeholder outreach and collaboration. His academic and nonprofit experience has included production of high-quality written work covering a varied range of technical complexity and detail. Through his collaborative, master’s-level science work, he has developed excellent experience in managing multiple projects, sharing workflows, and utilizing available software solutions. Todd is a natural problem solver, adaptable team player, and works with others to tackle large projects with complex outcomes.

Examples of Todd’s project work include the following:

  • Todd put both his boating skills and GIS experience to work on the Guemes Island Ferry Terminal Replacement Project in Anacortes, WA. He captained a small boat for an underwater video vegetation survey in Guemes Channel, to assess habitat that could potentially be impacted by terminal modifications. Back in the office, Todd analyzed video footage and entered data for GIS analysis.
  • Todd has provided permitting support on several shellfish aquaculture projects. His work included authoring project narratives, parcel descriptions, geographic information, and GIS maps for Joint Aquatic Resources Permit Applications for a number of aquaculture parcels. He also generated Washington State Department of Ecology Section 401 application documents, describing shellfish aquaculture activities and impacts, and actions for mitigation and compliance.
  • Todd conducted 50+ hours of vessel-based bird and mammal surveys. He conducted 20+ vessel- and shore-based fish sampling efforts using Van Veen grab and beach seine. Work included conducting, processing, and quantifying contents of 40+ plankton tow samples.