Natalie White, WPIT

Staff Scientist

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  • B.A., Environmental Studies/English Literature, University of Washington
  • Wetland Science and Management Certificate, University of Washington
  • Wetland Ecology
  • Critical Areas Studies
  • Data Collection and Analysis

Natalie is a versatile ecologist who conducts many types of project work, including wetland delineations, monitoring, fish exclusion, and report writing. She also has worked on restoration projects in environments ranging from large river systems to tidal flats, in roles that have varied from leading a crew to assisting with project design. With her dual degrees in Environmental Studies and English Literature, Natalie strives to support environmental goals with strong communication approaches.

Examples of Natalie’s project work include the following:

  • To support permitting of several private-property development projects, assisted with wetland delineation activities, including assessing soils, vegetation, and hydrology.
  • Confluence is providing multi-year monitoring of mitigation sites associated with King County Department of Natural Resources construction projects. Natalie performed monitoring of four mitigation sites to determine if they are meeting performance criteria. Work included plant counts, vegetation transects using the line intercept method, and photo documentation.
  • Managed logistics of multi-day remote field effort in easter Washington, and conducted fish and macroinvertebrate sampling along Railroad Creek as part of biomonitoring for remediation of a former copper mine site.
  • Conducted fish exclusion along Juanita Creek during replacement of an outdated culvert.