It’s been a wild year for most of us—both professionally and personally. At Confluence, we all agree: We got by with a little help from our pets! Nearly half of our staff added a new furry family member since March! Please enjoy this tribute to our pets, in honor of the comfort and joy they bring to us. We hope their photos bring a smile to your face.

Confluence sends you our warmest wishes and sincere hope for a happy, safe holiday season.

  • Pandemic pet Juniper loves small spaces, says Kelly McDonald.
  • Kerrie McArthur's Willow guards the front door...
  • ...while Rugar guards his ball and bone!
  • Eric Doyle's Bronson is happy to have his new pandemic pal, Junebug (snoozing).
  • "Can you come out and play yet?" Miles inquires of Irene Sato.
  • Alexandra Karpoff's cat Anoot has responded to the pandemic as always: lounging in her heated bed.
  • Chris Cziesla's Keta (on his back) shows new playmate Nala how it's done.
  • Chris Berger's new pup Griz and his cat Yeti get along just fine ... when they are sleeping.
  • Berger reports even his geckos are feeling stir crazy.
  • Kathy Sitchin's pandemic pet was a Roomba, tasked with picking up Yukon's fur.
  • Natalie White's Tucker in his favorite sleep pose. Natalie reports that, yes, he often wakes up sneezing.
  • Mishka in the Middle: Suzanne Vieira added Mish to her pack during the pandemic. Seems to fit right in with Bear (left) and Luna (right)!
  • Phil Bloch's Bessy in a spot she loves second only to Phil's laptop.
  • Sitka joined Nora Burton's family during the pandemic...
  • ...as did her litter-mate sister Bear Cat!
  • Haley and Tillie (or is it Gandalf and Bilbo?) rule Scott White's household.
  • Marlene Meaders' cat Patch has been a steadfast companion long before the pandemic.
  • Laurie Epstein's "Chicken#3." She stopped naming her pandemic chickens after too many others had been "loved" too much by dog Ellie.
  • A kinder, gentler Ellie.
  • Sasha Visconty's Roxy with a favorite, if not short-lived, toy.
  • Grant Novak has two cats. He reports Missy is the smarter of the two, but...
  • Gustav knows how to relax!
  • HAVE A SWEET HOLIDAY! (Laurie's COVID bees!)