Confluence Environmental Company

Confluence Environmental Company delivers a variety of environmental, infrastructure, and development projects

We offer services in environmental science, project management, and regulatory strategy and compliance. Our team includes fish and wetland scientists, coastal and restoration engineers, cultural resources specialists, built and natural environment planners, and regulatory experts. We ensure that each project is staffed with an outstanding team that can successfully deliver strategic solutions. Read more about our services here.

July 2016

Confluence is pleased to announce that Jessica Cote has joined our firm as Principal Coastal Engineer. Jessica combines physical and biological sciences with engineering to solve complex problems in estuarine, coastal, and ocean environments. She focuses on process-based studies to quantify and characterize sediments, scour, sediment pathways, and the interaction of structures with coastal processes. Welcome, Jessica!

April 2016

Confluence is pleased to announce that Phil Bloch has joined the firm as a Senior Ecologist. Phil has 16 years of experience in marine nearshore ecology, GIS/spatial planning, habitat mitigation/restoration, and habitat assessment. Phil has expertise in environmental compliance strategy for complex projects, and focuses on assessing the interactions of manmade structures with natural systems including fish, birds, and habitats. Welcome, Phil!

March 2016

Kerrie McArthur, Senior Biologist with Confluence, is now a certified Professional Wetland Scientist. The certification, awarded by the Society of Wetland Scientists, identifies individuals qualified to assess and manage wetlands based on both educational and experience requirements. Congratulations, Kerrie!

January 2016

Connie Walker Gray, Confluence’s Senior Architectural Historian, was appointed as a member of Historic Seattle’s Council of the Preservation and Development Authority. Historic Seattle’s mission is to protect Seattle’s architectural heritage through educational programs, advocacy, and the preservation of buildings and cultural landscapes. Congratulations, Connie!